Flooding along Orara Way on the weekend claimed one vehicle.
Flooding along Orara Way on the weekend claimed one vehicle.

First flood watch issued for region

WITH an extended dry period, it is easy to forget the dangers associated with a big deluge.

Before the weekend downpour, the Bureau of Meteorology issued a Flood Watch to make the community aware of the potential for flash flooding, particularly in the Orara and Bellinger rivers.

“The weather system has the potential to cause local flooding as well as riverine flooding from late Saturday onward,” the statement read.

“This Flood Watch means that people living or working along rivers and streams must monitor the latest weather forecasts and warnings and be ready to move to higher ground should flooding develop.”

The bureau issues a Flood Watch to provide early advice of a situation that was developing and could lead to flooding.

It is not a warning that flooding is about to happen.

Although a Flood Watch is not saying a flood will happen, bom.gov.au states that delivering them early can help people be better prepared if flooding does happen.

“If a Flood Watch is issued for your area we encourage you to look out for future Flood Watch updates and heed Flood Warnings if these are issued, and to follow the advice of the local emergency services,” the website states.

During the storm on Saturday the Orara River at Glenreagh rose from a tiny 0.2m to almost 3.5m.

The Bellinger River at the Fosters measuring station rose from 0.75m to more than 3m.

These rises show just how much fell in the catchment.