AN EXPLOSION of colour drifted from Yamba's Lions Park on Sunday morning as eager runners broke away from the Colour Me Rad starting line.

By the time the 60-odd people got to the end of the five-kilometre fun run, their once-white clothes were decidedly a lot more vibrant and colourful.

Colour Me Rad event director Brittany Emerton said it was the first time the event was able to set up a course at Yamba, which went down to Pippi Beach from Lions Park and back via Main Beach.

Volunteers along the way threw heaped handfuls of powder paint at runners as they went past.

"Yamba is a bit of a small town, but for something like this to come here is an exciting thing for plenty of people," she said.

It is the first year the event run by Elite Energy, who also organised Saturday's Tri Yamba triathlon.

"This is more of a fun thing, obviously the triathlon is for, I say, athletic people and this is more of a community event," Ms Emerton said.

"We love to get the whole family involved from small kids up to the elderly, it's just about getting the whole community involved."

It's time to take a load off while you put a load of colour on.
It's time to take a load off while you put a load of colour on. Contributed

Ms Emerton said she hoped they would be back again next year, and one person who echoes this sentiment is Yamba mum Leah Essex.

She cheered on her two children Tyler, 12, and Darby, 14, from the sidelines yesterday, and quickly decided that she would join them next year.

"They heard about it and begged me to let them go," she said.

"Normally it's me trying to rope them into things but both of them did it with a couple of friends each.

"The kids had a ball and I must admit it looked so much fun I thought I would definitely do it next year. It was a really good atmosphere."

And while you might think the washing machine would be doing overtime the next day, Ms Essex said the colour bomb powder was surprisingly easy to get out of her kids' clothes.

"I've just hung the shirts up straight out of the washing machine and there's nothing left at all."