Yamba Chamber of Commerce president Debbie McCredie
Yamba Chamber of Commerce president Debbie McCredie Adam Hourigan

Executive takes a step back to give new faces a chance

THE Yamba Chamber of Commerce is about to turn over its entire executive to ensure an influx of new ideas and vision, according to outgoing president Deb McCredie.

Mrs McCredie said the chamber's executive would all vacate their posts at the AGM on Monday to give a new leadership group an opportunity to step up.

"We've had an influx of new members during the year and there are some who have indicated they would like to take on the leadership roles.

"We've agreed that it would be good to give these people the experience of taking a lead in the community."

She said while the current executive won't contest leadership positions, they would remain available to advise the new leaders.

"This is an exciting development for the chamber that can only have a positive outcome.


"It's exciting for the chamber to have so many new ideas and a new direction," she said.

"If it works out completely it will be fantastic. If a few things come off, we're still well ahead of where we were and if people lose enthusiasm, there will still be the experienced people around to get us through."

Mrs McCredie said local businesswoman and EcoBag campaigner Gina Lopez has nominated for president.

"One of Gina's great strengths is her networking," she said. "She's always out and about talking to people and getting their ideas.

"Deb and the rest of the chamber's executive have done a fantastic job representing Yamba's business community and the town's interests," she said.

"They've put in place a strong organisation, which I think will be invigorated with some new ideas."

Ms Lopez said she brought strong business skills to the chamber as well as modern social and environmental concerns.

"Bringing younger people and new ideas into the chamber will only help us grow," she said.