The eastern elevation showing the works proposed for the Pacific Hotel at Yamba.
The eastern elevation showing the works proposed for the Pacific Hotel at Yamba.

Exciting discoveries for councillors at Pacific Hotel

COUNCILLORS have cast aside the recommendations of staff and signalled they will allow a new deck at the Pacific Hotel.

The unanimous decision was made on Tuesday at the environment, planning and community meeting of ­Clarence Valley Council after councillors visited the site with staff and the developers.

In February's council ­meeting there was significant debate whether to allow the construction of a deck above a proposed function area, with council staff recommending it be rejected on the grounds it would create a 15- space parking shortfall.

However, councillors ­resolved to put off a decision until after a site visit could be conducted and a photo ­montage provided in ­accordance with Land and ­Environment Court standards.

Having been satisfied in both instances councillors voted unanimously to go against the staff recommendation on the basis a deck had already existed at the hotel.

This meant councillors were satisfied the parking would have already been taken into account.

Councillor Andrew Baker said he could attest to the existence of the deck as he attended a function there - and had photos to prove it.

Councillor Richie ­Williamson said the evidence of the old deck "put to bed" the issue of car parking spaces and he looked forward to the ­development going ahead "as soon as possible".

"There is no doubt it is an iconic landmark on the north coast of NSW," he said.

"This clearly articulates that there has been a previous deck at that location and therefore the car parks have already been attached to that deck."

There was also some discussion over redeveloping in an area which was deemed a land slip risk zone.

Councillor Greg Clancy said the discussions he had with both staff and the developers had helped stem fears he had over the potential of "all sorts of mayhem" to occur with a land slip.

"I had grave reservations about this development, mainly on the grounds of the stability of the site," he said.

"I was really concerned because that whole area does get declared a red zone in extreme weather events."

"But I have been convinced that the engineering works will alleviate any of those concerns."

Councillors also resolved to reduce the amount of water and sewer headworks charges after it was revealed there was an additional bathroom in the building which had not been taken into account.

The changes reduced the water headworks charges from $42,024 to $26,637 and the sewer headworks charges from $119,770 to $97,852 representing a saving of more than $37,000.

A final decision will be made on the development application at next week's full council meeting in Maclean.