Some of the cast of The Eurobeat Goes On.
Some of the cast of The Eurobeat Goes On.

Eurobeat will “outshine the official contest”

THE Eurovision Song Contest is on this weekend in Sweden and Australia's new found love of this bizarrely entertaining, international spectacle is stronger than ever. In fact we are so enamoured by the kitsch competition we are now considered to be part of Europe and invited to perform too. This year X Factor winner Dami Im is representing Down Under.

While some Aussies absolutely love it, others loathe it, but the crew from The Criterion Theatre will do their best to win over Clarence Valley fans the traditionally Australian way, by taking the mickey out it with their hilarious send up, The Eurobeat Goes On.

Director Anne Newbold said Criterion Theatre goers would be in for a real treat when they see The Eurobeat Goes On. "It will outshine the official contest," she promises.

"Why would you travel to Stockholm when the better show will be live in Oliver Street, Grafton? Eat your heart out Julia Zemiro".

With The Eurobeat Goes On, each member of the audience will be allocated their honorary citizenship of a European country for the evening.

"I hope I get to be Swedish for the night?," an enthusiastic Criterion patron said.

In true Eurovision style, audiences will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite act, then watch as their votes are tabulated, counted down and broadcast live, via satellite in the theatre just prior to the spectacular finale.

"You will be transported to Bosnia-Herzegovina by our exotic and sophisticated hosts, Boyka (Erika Honnery) and Sergi (Angus McKimm)," Ms Newbold said.

Among the stunning acts competing in this year's event are Vesuvia Versace, the operatic, hip hop twist sensation direct from her Italian homeland. "She bears an uncanny resemblance to Jacinta Bentley," she said.

And all the way from Deuchland reviving 1960's beat comes Herbert Gonemyer Jnr (Marty Wells) with Wunderbar back-up frauleins Izzy Pilgrim, Amber Collins and Lauren Pryor.

Mareia Cowper also returns to The Criterion in the guise of the disturbing and only tenuously sane, Iceland Goddess Gert Grollmersdetter.

But how can any of these performers compete with the spectacular Russian Boy Band, KGBoyz? Type cast in this quartet are Dan Fahey, Toby Redman, Jimm Woodley and Max Skipper. Audiences will be torn when called on to vote with such strenuous competition.

And the talented line up doesn't stop there. The saucy "Persephone" (Robyn Nixon) from Greece and her sensuous sirens will drive audiences wild contrasted by the charming Molnar Sisters with their unique Hungarian folk musical stylings.

Bronwyn Gell, Robyn Nixon, Louiza Coetzee and Mariah Hassett are our mysterious Hungarian beauties.

The almost in tune romantic duo Rayne and Sheiner from the UK or the Irish balladeer Ronan Corr may get your vote. Or perhaps the intriguing, Estelle LaCroix direct from a French cabaret will catch an eye. The swinging Swedish group AVLA will definitely be a favourite.

Some of these artists may also appear to be familiar to audiences. "Surprisingly, sometimes these famous foreign stars look a little like our very own Graftonians" mused Ms Newbold.

To quote musical director, Fran McHugh "It has been such a delight to work this interesting and unique group of international talents, brought to our very own Criterion Stage.

Ms McHugh has encouraged each artist to present the act for which they have gained fame and in some cases notoriety.