NEW BUILD: Harwood Marine is preparing to build a new shed. INSET: Route trucks will take to bring in fill for shed build.
NEW BUILD: Harwood Marine is preparing to build a new shed. INSET: Route trucks will take to bring in fill for shed build. Adam Hourigan

Dust settles on new Harwood development

THE ROUTE trucks will take to build the new development at Harwood Marine is causing concern among some Harwood property owners with 377 trucks expected to use the road.

Following a road safety audit, the normal road access to Harwood Marine, River Road East, was deemed unsuitable due to concerns over the stability of the road.

Instead, the trucks will bring fill to the Harwood Marine site for their development to fill land and build a shed via Watts, Nicholson, Bewleys, Beckmans, Eggins and Careys Lane.

Two deputations were given at the Clarence Valley Council Environment, Planning and Community by residents raising concerns over the dust, the amount of trucks moving past residential properties and the road.

Brian Roberts, who was speaking on behalf of a number of residents in the immediate area impacted, said the roads have not been well-maintained in the past and he is concerned about the impact the trucks will have on the roads.

"They have poor road base material, as local residents, we grit and bear it as these lanes are mostly used by people living in the lanes or by their families," he said.

"The engineer for CVC stated that is Harwood Marine chose route 1 they they do not have to do a road pavement assessment.

"He should have driven the roads when it was wet or consulted with the soon-to-be-affected residents before any decision, now being recommended to council, to approve related to Harwood Marine's DA."

Residents also raised concerns about when construction should occur, with 6am to 6pm proposed by council.

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Cr Andrew Baker proposed a change to the officer recommendation that council approve the DA subject to the schedule of draft conditions including initial road upgrades of the route chosen. He proposed the inclusion of the proposed upgrade of a 500m section of Eggins Rd into the Road Maintenance Register once constructed by applicant.

Cr Baker added to the consent conditions that 20m before and after existing residential driveways would be sealed, except the full width bitumen seal to part of Bewleys lane which begins 40m west of the western boundary of Lot 1 DP594030 and finishing 20m east of the driveway of Lot 500 DP 703273. Full-width bitumen seal will also be required for the intersection of Eggins Lane and Careys Lane for a distance commencing 40m west of the western road reserve boundary of Careys Lane and 40m south of the southern road reserve boundary of Eggins Lane.

Cr Baker's motion will go to the full council meeting on May 15.

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