The duck that saved a heartbroken dog

THIS is a story about a dog named George and a duck called Donald.

And their unlikely friendship borne from grief.

Ever since his best friend of 12 years died, George has been heartbroken.

Owner Jacquie Litton said George lost Blackie, a Labrador, two years ago and has been grieving with "anxiety so bad that he has almost died twice."

Then one day this duck appeared in their back yard.

"We have no idea where this duck came from but he sure does love George and since the duck has arrived George has not cried one time."

In fact the dog and his duck have become inseparable.

Ms Litton has been sharing photos of the adorable twosome on her Facebook page.

"True friendship is when you can rest your duckbill on them," she wrote on one photo.

The Littons, who live in Corryton, Tennessee have been taking care of Donald hoping he will stay.

But it doesn't look like this duck is going anywhere.

"George and his duck in the kennel tonight to keep Donald safe. George gave Donald his bed..." Ms Litton wrote on another photo.


She said it was strange the duck just appeared and "even more strangely" during the anniversary week of Blackie's passing.

But: "There is truly a lesson for all of us somewhere in this story of a dog who has found his friend in a duck..."