No more horsing around when drunk


A DISABILITY pensioner accused of riding a horse drunk through a drive-through bottleshop says she probably could have handled the reins 10 times over the limit - but won't do it again.

Charmaine Maguire, 51, allegedly had a blood-alcohol content of .226 per cent - over four times the legal limit - and is accused of being in charge of a horse while drunk.

Police found Ms Maguire on her horse Skippy outside the Logan City Tavern on Monday, and said she refused to leave the licensed premises about 11.30pm.

She was found with red wine which she said she put into a plastic fruit juice bottle.

"I am an alcoholic and I do have a very high tolerance to alcohol," Ms Maguire told The Sunday Mail.

"Them going on about me being four times the legal limit; I probably could have been 10 times the legal limit and still ridden that horse perfectly.

"It's nothing to be proud of. I have a drinking problem; I'm doing things about it."

Charmaine Maguire was charged with drink-driving while riding her horse Skippy. Picture: Bruce Long
Charmaine Maguire was charged with drink-driving while riding her horse Skippy. Picture: Bruce Long

Police allege said she rode her bicycle from her Kingston home to her paddock in Marsden, before riding Skippy a few kilometres to the bottleshop.

Riding on her horse, she said bottleshops in the area had served her multiple times in the past and claimed in the country it was standard.

Ms Maguire, who said she was on an outpatient detox program, hadn't drunk any alcohol in three days.

She said she didn't know drink-driving laws applied to a horse and police were courteous when they charged her.

Officers walked her horse back to the police station and then back to her paddock.

"It was a seriously horrible night for me, I had no idea I could be done for drink-driving," Ms Maguire said.

"Having my horse taken off me was extremely devastating for me.

"I absolutely won't do it again."

Ms Maguire said she hoped to never drink again.

"But realistically people like me do have relapses," she said.

"I've got a lot of support around me at the moment helping me."

Ms Maguire is scheduled to appear in Beenleigh Magistrates Court on June 26.