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Grafton Court House Caitlan Charles

Don't make plans after sentencing date, warns magistrate

A MAN police caught driving while disqualified twice in 10 minutes has been warned to put his plans on hold when his case comes up for sentencing next month.

Grafton Local Court magistrate Roger Prowse convicted Dale Noel Bevege, 29, on the two charges, but ordered a pre-sentence report before his sentence date in Armidale on October 21.

"Don't make any plans for October 22,” Mr Prowse warned the defendant.

Bevege was in court to answer two driving while disqualified charges which happened at 3.40pm and 3.50pm in Maxwell Ave, South Grafton, on July 11.

Police said they saw Bevege driving a green Commodore, realised he was a disqualified driver and u-turned to pursue him. Bevege saw the police u-turn and quickly turned into the driveway of a house.

The officers spoke to Bevege, told him he would be required to attend Grafton Local Court to face a drive while disqualifed charge and warned him to get a licensed driver to move his car. Minutes later another two police officers, who were aware Bevage was a disqualified driver and had just been spoken to by police, saw him reverse his car out of the driveway and stopped him from driving further.

Police told him he couldn't drive his car, despite Bevege's claim he was just moving it down the road. In court the self-represented Bevege tried to maintain his decisions to drive were a mistake, but Magistrate Prowse disagreed.

"A mistake is wearing suede shoes on the odd occasion or corduroy pants at any time,” Mr Prowse said.

"This is flagrant breaking of the law on two occasions.

"The first time you tried to fool the coppers by pulling into someone else's driveway then you tried to tell them you were just going to move your car down the street.”

Mr Prowse adjourned the case to Armidale Court because Bevege had recently moved to Guyra for work.