SCRAMBLE: Two unscheduled news events yesterday had the DEX team racing to the carpark.
SCRAMBLE: Two unscheduled news events yesterday had the DEX team racing to the carpark.

DEX's best laid plans come unstuck in hunt for news

THE BEST laid plans ... as they say.

Our keen-eyed DEX readers will have noticed several of the stories our reporters started to chase yesterday didn't make it to the paper or online.

In their defence, they were waylaid by events, with a school lockdown and news of a burning truck on the highway coming into the newsroom within minutes of each other.

The stampede of newshounds heading off to jobs can be a sight to see.

Frantic journos making sure the cameras they need have batteries, finding car keys, notebooks, pens.... Organised chaos at its finest.

This morning digital producer Jenna Thompson is following up on her school lockdown story.

We're asking the NSW Education Department what the protocols are in the situation that arose yesterday to ensure students and staff are protected.

She's also made contact with some of those involved to find out what exactly was behind the incident yesterday at Grafton High School.

Photo journalist Adam Hourigan likes to get an early start, making sure he has a few jobs under his belt by the time he arrives at work.

This morning we're expecting him through the front door with a picture and update from local police monitoring the traffic going through Ulmarra.

He also working on a preview of the opening of the new bridge at Lawrence.

Adam's also taken on the annual Kindy Kids spectacular where we feature all the children heading off to school for the first time. He'll be making contact with school to schedule photos and take footage for a video he is working on.

Reporter Caitlan Charles has set a cracking pace today. She's still looking into the issues a new Telstra tower at Nymboida angering residents and the extent of the doctor shortage in Grafton.

She's also working on our weekly free newspaper, Coastal Views, which hits its deadline tomorrow afternoon.

But that will have to stop this afternoon to cover today's Clarence Valley Council meeting at 2pm. We've just learned Nymboida resident Brendan Stockdale, whose property is near the proposed Telstra Tower will make a deputation to today's council meeting.

Cadet reporter Ebony Stansfield has spotted an alarming post on Facebook from Lifeline Grafton closing its second hand goods bins.

Apparently there are people out there prepared to raid these bins and sell what they've stolen online.

She's also writing up a story for Coastal Views and the DEX for Sasha Berry, the Yamba eight-year-old who has endured countless operations as she battles a life-threatening tumour.

If you've got some information that could help Ebony's stories, email her here.

Readers are no doubt tiring of the Barnaby Joyce saga, but it has turned up something that might tickle a funny done or two.

Australians have a skill of nicknaming people and they delight in turning it onto politicians, with the Deputy PM now boasting the unflattering moniker of the Beetrooter.

Looking into the past the penchant for unflattering alternative names started with our first PM and hasn't stopped since.

Tim Howard is digging up the best of them and why they came about, just to lighten the mood a bit.

On a more serious note, he's also going to look into the claims of a resident out Nymboida way fed up with the state of the roads. He says even the new, resurfaced bits aren't up to scratch.

Tim's also going to tag team with Caitlan on the council meeting this afternoon to try to get some key resolutions, like the vote on the Townsend brothel online today.

Columnist Lesley Apps will be catching up with the Grafton Regional Art Gallery, to check out the result of the latest audit of the gallery collection.

Editor Bill North is working on the roll out of our We're for You campaign.

You might notice the new look of our website (it changed at 10.30am today). We think it's a bright new look which has been built to improve usability for readers. This is a key part of that campaign to make sure this happens as smoothly as possible.

In sport Matt Elkerton will reveal the latest Clarence Valley athletes selected to compete in the Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast in April. He assures me this will be out "very shortly”.

If you've got something to say, contact The Daily Examiner on 6643 0500 or email news tips here or here to contact Matt with sports info here.