Elissa Carter snapped this photo of the line-up at Ulmarra ferry.
Elissa Carter snapped this photo of the line-up at Ulmarra ferry. Elissa Carter

Delays frustrating residents wanting to cross over

WHY are quiet townships around the Clarence Valley slowly turning into peak hour trouble spots?

Ms Carter sent in this photo of the queue at Ulmarra Ferry on Friday last week as an example of the increased congestion of what used to be a relatively quiet ferry service.

"Pulling up at Ulmarra Ferry at 4pm as a full load just leaves, with 13 vehicles ahead in the line-up and four behind me," Ms Carter said in her Facebook message. "This is the new norm twice a day for the last few months," Ms Carter said in her Facebook post. "All the extra highway, bridge and jail workers are taking their toll on local infrastructure and the RMS says they can't do anything about."

The Ulmarra ferry can carry six cars each trip and takes approximately seven minutes to cross the river with a total of 15 minutes wait should you just miss out. However, Ms Carter, who has used the ferry twice a day for the past 11 years, said those time frames are almost a thing of the past.

"What used to be a 20-minute trip to work is now taking over an hour," Ms Carter said. "Something is drastically increasing the usage at the moment

"In the last two-to-three months, I've had to wait for two or three trips to get on the ferry."

Ms Carter said the increased wait times are not only frustrating regular users, but it's also leading to a safety issue on the Ulmarra side as more motorists are forced to line up on the highway.

"Even though it's only just inside the 100 zone coming out of the 50 zone back in Ulmarra, I feel quite vulnerable parked alongside the highway as trucks are gathering speed on their way past," Ms Carter said.

Have you been stuck in traffic waiting to use one of the ferry services in the Clarence Valley?