DASH CAM: "It could have been disastrous"

Rob Mullan's dashcam footage: Rob Mullan shared this dashcam footage.

"IT COULD have been disastrous" was how Western Australian truckie Rob Mullan described the moment a car pulled out in front of him at a roadhouse in Bannister.

Footage recorded on his dash cam showed Rob swerve to the right into another lane to avoid hitting the other vehicle.

"Thank Christ nothing was coming the other way otherwise I would have had no choice but to hit him," he told Big Rigs.

"I was in a loaded road train and there was no way that I could have stopped, we can't just stop on two car lengths.

"As soon as I saw him I was on my horn. He got back on the road after I'd passed and followed me for about five kilometres before overtaking me in the overtaking lane and he was cringing when he went past, he knew he was wrong."

Rob, who has been driving trucks for a while now, said he saw the same sort of thing about six times a day.

"The worst is the end of the overtaking lanes, merging lanes and people taking chances to overtake," he said.

"You can't fix stupidity."

Rob Mullan shared dashcam footage driving past a roadhouse at Bannister at WA.
Rob Mullan shared dashcam footage driving past a roadhouse at Bannister at WA.

He said many motorists would 90 to 95/kmh when they were in front of him and then when he moved into an overtaking lane, they would speed up to stay in front of him and then slow down again.

"They might be sitting on their cruise control, thinking they're at 100 but they're not."

Rob said when his daughter first got her driver's licence, she came for a ride with him in his truck.

"After that, she told me she was happy she did that because she understood how trucks worked," he said.

"I think that we need to push the government for more education. Why don't we use the money from the speeding cameras to educate drivers on how trucks work?"