Cyclone threatens teen's attempt to scale Mt Everest

INTREPID climber Alyssa Azar's third attempt to scale Mt Everest has been delayed by inclement weather and an approaching cyclone from India is threatening the whole venture.

The teenager set out for the summit early on Monday morning and made it as far as Camp 3 known as Lhotse Wall and about 8000m above sea level.

But a ferocious storm forced all climbers on the mountain to retreat to Camp 2.

The storm has lifted and Alyssa is planning to make another attempt in coming days.

Threatening the whole endeavour is a cycle heading in from India.

Alyssa's father Glenn Azar said if she was going to make it, an attempt would need to be made before the cyclone's effects were felt.

Although the cyclone won't directly hit the mountain it will impact on weather systems and bring strong winds.

At 8000m elevation there is little cover and strong winds can blow climbers  off the mountain.

Temperatures can drop as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius.

Alyssa's two previous attempts were foiled by an earthquake and an avalanche.

Respected Mr Everest journalist Alan Arnette reported almost 200 climbers were on their way to the summit today.

He said winds had calmed since Wednesday evening.  

Alyssa home in Toowoomba: Alyssa Azar arrives home after being caught on Mt Everest during earthquake