Cricket community lashes out at CRCA cancellation call
Cricket community lashes out at CRCA cancellation call

Cricket community lashes out at CRCA cancellation call

CRICKET: The Clarence River cricket community has lashed out at the CRCA's decision to cancel all around six matches due to safety concerns under the blanket of thick smoke.

Grafton was subject to an Air Quality Index reading of 344 between 10am and 11am this morning, almost twice the hazardous air quality level of 200.

While conditions eased later in the day, wind has continued to blow thick smoke into the Grafton area.

CRCA President Tim Kinnane informed the cricket community of the decision at 10.30am this morning on the CRCA Facebook page and the reaction was one of frustration.

" … soft! The kids are playing but the adults can't," one disgruntled stakeholder said.

"Seriously?," another member of the page said.

"May as well cancel the whole season," a final comment read.

With a number of games cancelled due to poor air quality this season the frustrations within the community are understandable.

But with conditions worsening once again over the past week, Cricket NSW issued a media release informing clubs to avoid any risks towards their member's health and wellbeing.

Kinnane responded to the criticism on the CRCA Facebook page just after midday.

"As part of the feedback after the flak I have copped over cancellation of cricket today you are more than welcome to attend a meeting and or stand for the next elections and have your say," Kinnane wrote.

But the Clarence community came to Kinnane's side on the tough decision.

"Well-made call … It's a hard call to make. The info on why the decision was made is available for all to see. People can either put up or sh-- up," one member said.

During the difficult period for Clarence cricketers, the Clarence River Junior Cricket Association have seen a poor turnout at their most recent association meeting last week.

"Unfortunately, I have to start this post to state my disappointment at being unable to hold our monthly meeting last night due to only three people turning up. So hopefully we can change this for our next meeting which isn't until the start of February," Brendan Palmer wrote on the CRJCA Facebook page on Thursday.

While conditions are tough, the cricket community must come together through this difficult time in order to come to a solution as the bushfires settle in for the summer.