GLOWING PRAISE: Amber Lawrence put on a great show at the Coutts Crossing Hall.
GLOWING PRAISE: Amber Lawrence put on a great show at the Coutts Crossing Hall. Tim Jarrett

Coutts Crossing a hallmark of success

COUTTS Crossing lapped up an energetic set by country star Amber Lawrence last weekend.

The country star had the crowd wrapped around her finger as she posed for photographs and fostered some playful crowd interaction throughout an entertaining set.

The Coutts Crossing Hall was set up beautifully, with the lighting in particular transforming it into the perfect performance space with the band performing behind a giant 'AMBER' sign which seemed purpose built for the stage.

North Coast promoter John Logan was "rapt” with the reception from the enthusiastic crowd and said the community had really embraced the event and had certainly got on board to help make it a success.

"This is a great result. Sunday afternoon, coming to a little country hall, we got about 120 people and that's fabulous,” he said.

"What's more important is the hospitality is wonderful. There are about 10 people from the hall who have come and made afternoon tea and have helped set up the hall.

"Sometimes when you do a small country hall you get a result you didn't expect. I couldn't ask for anything more, I am absolutely delighted.”

The willingness of the community to get involved showed there was a real appetite for good music in places like Coutts Crossing and Mr Logan said while people always wanted to see music, the vehicle they chose to consume music was changing.

"The old vehicle of going to the local pub or club is not necessarily the only option these days,” he said

"Pubs and clubs are important and will always be important but you don't enjoy it when people are drunk, or people are talking at the back. But with the country hall people are just coming for the music.”

The success of the event led to the big announcement that Adam Harvey would be playing at the hall on September 8, something Mr Logan said was a big coup for the community.

"We are so happy with the result of this and have decided to get Adam Harvey. It has really come about on the back of the success of this one,” he said.

"If people are enjoying their music and coming in numbers, why wouldn't you do it. So there will be more.

"Watch this space.”

One person who would not be missing Adam Harvey was Coutts local Brett Duroux, who had enjoyed the opportunity to see Amber Lawrence with his wife and two daughters and said the choice of venue was great.

"This is the first ever concert we have been to as a family and we really enjoyed it,” he said.

"It was actually better than we had expected. It was perfect.”