Grafton boxer Dean Cribb waits for his fight in Caloundra.
Grafton boxer Dean Cribb waits for his fight in Caloundra.

Courageous Cribb puts up a fight against the odds

BOXING: It was a tough night for Grafton Amateur Boxing Club trainer Dean Cribb after a loss in his first professional fight yesterday.

Going up against experienced 47-year-old Barry Olsen for the ABC Lightweight Masters Title, Cribb had his work cut out for him from the start but he looked light on his feet as he took the fight to the Queenslander.

Going in with 12 professional fights under his belt, Olsen was caught unawares but the resilient Graftonite but, as the rounds kept coming, Olsen started to gain the upper hand and came away the winner by split decision.

Cribb was disappointed with his performance but with a sizeable age, experience and weight difference, he was always up against it.

“I was very down on myself for the way I fought. I can fight 100 per cent better than I did,” Cribb said.

“I have had time to sit back and think about my effort and for someone who has given away so much experience, his 12 professional fights and six kilogram advantage was too much for me in my first fight in over 20 years.”

Cribb was thankful for all the support he received in the lead-in to the fight and despite the loss is proud of his efforts in his first venture back into the ring.

“I would like to really thank everyone for their support. I know I have done myself proud and I don’t care what anyone thinks or says,” he said.

“I am standing tall and proud of my effort.”

The Grafton boxing legend is already looking forward to his next fight, set to take place against Olsen once again early next year.

“I will beat him the next time I fight him. I will win that title next time,” he said.