The woman was arrested after being subdued with pepper spray, the court heard.
The woman was arrested after being subdued with pepper spray, the court heard.

Coffs woman pepper-sprayed after launching attack on officer

A COFFS Coast woman who had to be subdued with pepper spray after launching a violent attack on a police officer has faced court.

Kate Ellen Lockett, aged 46, appeared in Coffs Harbour Local Court on Monday where she pleaded guilty to three offences including failing to disclose her identity, and resisting and assaulting a police officer.

The court heard that on September 28, police received reports that Ms Lockett was drinking alcohol in an area where she wasn't permitted.

An officer arrived on scene and approached Ms Lockett, asking for her identity to issue her a move on direction.

She refused to give them her identity and attempted to leave before she was restrained.

The court heard Ms Lockett resisted and assaulted the officer, throwing "a number of punches" during the violent incident.

The officer was forced to use pepper spray to arrest Ms Lockett.


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Ms Lockett, who appeared before Magistrate Ian Rodgers, represented herself during her sentencing.

She refused the Magistrate's suggestion that she receive legal advice before proceeding.

"I don't have much to say - the situation got slightly out of hand," Ms Lockett told the magistrate.

"I don't want to be causing anybody trouble."

Magistrate Ian Rodgers took into account that Ms Lockett had a limited criminal history when handing down his sentence, however he said the assault of a police officer was not acceptable.

"The police officer was just going about their job and under no circumstances should they be the subject of threats and violence when they are doing a very important job in the community," he said.

Ms Lockett was convicted and sentenced to a Community Release Order for 18 months under the conditions that she does not commit another offence and that she returns to the court if called upon.