A South Grafton woman has been jailed for 12 months for several drug charges.
A South Grafton woman has been jailed for 12 months for several drug charges. Patrick Sison

'Cocktail of drugs' puts woman behind bars

A SOUTH Grafton woman has been sentenced to a year behind bars, in a magistrate's bid to prevent the further supply of a "cocktail of drugs”.

Christine Hall, 57, appeared before Grafton Local Court on Monday on several charges including numerous counts of drug possession and drug supply.

According to the police facts on charges laid in October last year, a search of Hall's South Grafton house revealed illicit and prescription drugs for which she did not have a prescription.

The substances included oxycodone, morphine and methlyamphetamine, and police estimated their street worth to be close to $6500.

Hall has been in custody since early March, after being arrested by police for failing to appear in court. Her solicitor, Mark Savic, said she was a "very ill” woman but time in custody had been good for her.

"She presents very differently to what she did before custody - she is brighter and looks better,” he said.

"It is my submission my client has spent sufficient time in jail. No one is benefiting here.”

Magistrate Karen Stafford said Hall had repeatedly offended while on a community corrections order for other drug-related offences.

"There is a strong reason to impose a sentence to stop yourself and others supplying this cocktail of drugs,” Ms Stafford said. "In my view it can only be addressed by full-time custody.”

Hall was sentenced to 12 months in custody with a non-parole period of five months.