Grafton Amateur Boxing Club trainer Dean Cribb at the Prince St gym.
Grafton Amateur Boxing Club trainer Dean Cribb at the Prince St gym.

Coach Cribb up for first title fight at 54-years young

BOXING : Grafton Amateur Boxing Club trainer Dean Cribb has been training winners for years - now it’s his turn.

At 54-years old, most boxers have long hung up the gloves but Cribb is different.

“I’ ready to rock and roll,” Cribb said. “I can’t wait for it. I’ve had a few exhibition bouts in the last couple of years. In the first one I busted my rib but in my second fight my opponent only landed three punches.

“This will be my first proper match back in the ring in 20 years.”

Cribb has watched on as products of his gym including Adam Stowe and Kyle Miller have gone on to win titles of their own in recent months.

The training process has kept his students fit, but it has also kept Cribb as sharp as ever.

“I’ve been sparring other guys I’ve trained, I feel my body is really conditioned for what I’ll be doing on Saturday night,” he said.

Cribb takes on 47-year old Queenslander, Barry Olsen for the ABC Lightweight Masters Title

“It will be a good challenge. The bloke is seven years younger than I am and he’s had 12 pro fights whereas I haven’t had any,” he said.

Cribb has been looking for someone to challenge for over a year now but the state vs state fight came about through matchmakers on the Gold Coast.

“I had a matchmaker who tees up fights down in Sydney.

“That one fell through but I was up on the Gold Coast when Kyle won his title and we sorted it out then and there,” he said.

“I’ve already been asked about another fight next year and I said I would do it. I have kept my focus on this fight though. I’m ready to go so hopefully I can bring it home.”