Clarence SES units face closure

ULMARRA, Brushgrove and Lawrence SES units could be on the chopping block if someone from the community doesn't step up and take command.

Last month, Wally Bridle retired from his post as SES unit controller for Ulmarra, Lawrence and Brushgrove. However, Mr Bridle said no one has come forward to step into his shoes, triggering concerns for the future of the units.

New Ulmarra SES controller Wally Bridle.
Former SES unit controller Wally Bridle Adam Hourigan Photography

"By legislation, each unit must have a unit commander; someone in charge to organise and keep things running and make sure everybody's currency is still up to date with regard to the skills they have," Mr Bridle said.

"That's going to be a problem unless someone from both Lawrence and Ulmarra step up."

According to Mr Bridle, the community has six months to find someone to fill each of the three commands otherwise they could be forced to close.

"For somewhere like Lawrence, it's a vital service, but if the unit closes down here then it means during a flood or severe weather incident, people will have to wait until help arrives from elsewhere," he said.

"In some places, people get help from Sydney units which, for us here in the Clarence Valley, means waiting around two days for them to arrive."

Anyone wishing to find out more information or to join the SES as a volunteer can visit the website by clicking HERE.