THERE were kids young and old in the Clarence Valley Conservatorium's performance space, singing their hearts out when the Forget Me Not Choir were joined by students from Grafton Primary School.

Dressed from head to toe in Christmas apparel, the two choirs joined to sing carols and enjoy each others company.

The Forget Me Not Choir was started by Jenny Worrell and Leigh Robertson.


"We started off thinking about babies," Leigh said. "But then we thought why don't we go to the other end."

The Forget Me Not Choir started as a choir for people with dementia, but it's become so much more, with people with Parkinsons joining, or others who are just looking for some company.

Their choir session on Tuesday was extra special, with the year two students coming to sing with them for the third time since it's inception.


"I go up once a week (to the school) and sing with them and we sing some of the songs so they know them," Jenny said. "They just love talking to the old people."

Leigh added that the students are really engaged with the choir members.

"When we originally started we said we're here to sing, but we're here to talk," she said.

Contact the Clarence Valley Conservatorium to get involved.