‘Chilling footage’ of predatory driver on Pacific Hwy

A MAN caught erratically driving the wrong way up the Pacific Highway has pleaded guilty.

Dylan Harvey Voight entered guilty pleas in the Lismore District Court on Friday to using an offensive weapon to avoid arrest and predatory driving during a police pursuit, where he failed to stop.

In footage shown to the court, Voight is seen driving a flat-bed truck northbound in the southbound lane of the highway near Ewingsdale on June 11, 2019.

He is seen narrowly avoiding petrol tankers and other vehicles travelling south.

He was later arrested in Ocean Shores the same day.

While watching the footage, Judge Jeffery McLennan said, "we are fortunate we're not looking at a scene of absolute carnage".

"If he'd collided with one of the two petrol tankers double-Bs the potential for devastation was enormous," Judge McLennan said.

Voight's defence lawyer, Cameron Bell, said the footage was "chilling" but his client had "come to his senses" about the gravity of his crime while in custody.

During an assessment read out to the court, Voight explained he had since realised the potential trauma he may have caused if he'd hit someone with his vehicle.

"The risks were huge when I looked back on it, I passed hundreds of people, I could have killed them, kids, grandmothers," Voight said.

Judge McLennan said he respected Voight's commitment to turning his life around, and could clearly see the efforts he'd gone to fix his ice addiction.

"It's refreshing (to hear) someone say 'I'm glad I was arrested and put in prison, it helped me stop and think about what I'm doing'," Judge McLennan said.

"There's quite significant prospects of rehabilitation.

"He's got youth on his side and from what I can see he's got determination on his side."

Judge McLennan will deliver his judgment on Wednesday, September 2.

He is also expected to consider several other charges, including dangerous driving, driving without a licence, possession of stolen property, resisting and hindering police arrest when he makes his final judgment.