RACE READY: Nicole Plint with Andrew Paramore trained horse Go the Gantry.
RACE READY: Nicole Plint with Andrew Paramore trained horse Go the Gantry. Adam Hourigan Photography

Can this gelding finally start turning placings into wins?

CLASS 2 HCP: With a history of placings under its belt, trainer Andrew Paramore is confident Go the Gantry will come across the line strong, but he may struggle with the hard ground underfoot.

The 5-year-old gelding will be hitting the track in Grafton tomorrow off the back of two strong runs in Coffs Harbour and the Gold Coast in the last month.

In his Gold Coast run at the beginning of September Paramore said he got gelled up in the straight, but it didn't cost him the race.

"He possibly could have run second that day and he ran second the start before in Coffs Harbour which was a good run,” Paramore said.

"He's an honest little horse, he always put himself straight there and he seems to be trying hard.

"He's got a bit of weight but Carla's (Dougherty) ride him a couple of times and she sort of knows him now.”

In Go the Gantry's time with Paramore, he's run about eight seconds places, and in April of this year, he ran first place in a Class 1 race while being trained in Caloundra.

"But then he run another duck egg and they send him back,” Paramore said.

"I don't really know (how to get him to run first), he seems to be trying hard, but the day he ran second in Coffs Harbour, it was a pretty good race and I actually thought it might be good for him.

"He actually made ground onto the line, and that was a good thing... in Coffs Harbour he showed a bit of fire.”

Go the Gantry will be taking on the Yahoo McPhee Class 2 Handicap 1106m Paramore believes is a good distance for the gelding.

"He always gave me the impression that the 1200m might be a bit far for him but at the Gold Coast in that 1200m he worked to the line really good,” Paramore said.

"When he got held up for the run, it's a bit hard to really sprint but he worked through the line, he ran a good strong 1200m and he seems to be off the bridle nice and relaxed.

"I'm not saying he's going to get much better than the 1200m, but he copes through the 1200m alright.”

Some of Go the Gantry's best runs have come off a heavier track, pulling in several second placings on heavy eight to 10 tracks.

"(The 1100m) looks like a nice race on paper, you know, I'd like to have a little bit more give in the track but so would everyone, we're just not getting it at the moment, Paramore said.

"You're racing on good 2 and 3s which is just a bit too hard for him, but that's all we've got to deal with.”

Paramore said with more trainers coming down over the border, the fields are getting more and more competitive at Grafton, and it's something trainers need to come to terms with.

"Even the ones around this area are hard to beat, but he can sort of hold his own against (the others),” he said.

"In the Class 2 grade, he can own his own again... what he's done is probably more than what most of the (other horse he's up against) have done.”