The Clarence Gorge submitted for Cover Image of the Week on 12th December, 2016.
The Clarence Gorge submitted for Cover Image of the Week on 12th December, 2016. Balla Traore

Calls to revisit the Sir Earle Page's gorge scheme

IT IS GOOD for all of us to reflect on successful achievements as you are currently doing in your hard hitting recollections in your "We're for You" Campaign.

It reminds us all of the power of the press and how much we need it when local crises come along.

Joining the "Generation of families who have come to you for the past 159 years", I wonder would you be prepared to begin a campaign for a Government, Commonwealth and State, revisit of Sir Earle Page's Gorge Scheme?

As governments pursue possibilities of natural renewals providing power, maybe the Gorge Scheme has merit.

It seems the time is appropriate as the Prime Minister's proposed extension of the Snowy Mountains hydro scheme comes under the financial microscope, and Tasmania investigates extending its hydro schemes.

In Sir Earle's time our own Northern Rivers County Council, supplying electricity to the North Coast and the Gold Coast, hesitated in support because of the huge capital cost, which was beyond their ability to finance.

When the Prime Minister talks in billions about the Snowy extension, maybe capital cost is no longer an obstacle, especially when undertaken by the Commonwealth.

Previous claims were of the opinion that The Clarence River Gorge scheme would be able to supply power to the rapid growth area from Taree to Brisbane.

That was back in the 1950s and 60s. There's much more growth now. And the need?

Will the DEX take up the cause?