The Palmers Store site at Palmers Island has been sold.
The Palmers Store site at Palmers Island has been sold.

Cafe? Fast food? Sky’s the limit for Palmers Island site

From a favourite coffee stop-off, local petrol station to convenient corner shop with bottle-O, the Palmers Store has meant something different to everyone over the years.

Now with the recent sale of the site last week, residents are curious to see what its future holds. Will it be more of the same or something completely different?

For a bit of fun, The Daily Examiner asked readers what they’d like to see the Palmers Store site become. Here’s what they said.

Mark Napier Harris, Rob Masters, Kris Thomsen and Nick Agostino poked fun at the idea of the site becoming a fast food shop with suggestions like KFC, Starbucks, Guzman y Gomez Mexican Kitchen or McDonalds.

Debbie Pearson hopes to see it become “a decent coffee house that sells reasonable priced groceries and takeaway”, which was similar to Mary Margaret and Hannah Jane’s suggestions.

While ideas were varied, one thing that united most was the need to see a safer entry and exit point into the site given its position on a blind corner along Yamba Road.

“It was very popular with the road workers but it has a bad entrance and exit on that corner,” Rainy Barter said.

“I never stop there for that reason, entry and exit. Thought it was too dangerous,” Billie Doug Jones responded.

What would you like to see the Palmers Store site become?Join the conversation HERE or comment below.