A car photographed on Brooms Head beach with children hanging out the window and sitting in the front seat.
A car photographed on Brooms Head beach with children hanging out the window and sitting in the front seat.

Brooms Head beach access decision explained

A COMPROMISE is how Clarence Valley councillor Greg Clancy described his motion to limit four-wheel drive access to Brooms Head beach and Wooli beach.

After serious thought and discussions with other councillors, Cr Clancy proposed the motion that would allow fishermen and disabled people to continue to access the beaches, while limiting the access of the general public to help create a safer environment for the community.

"Arthur (Lysaught) says we shouldn't be the fun police, well is it isn't the fun police when you've got a responsibility to protect children and adults on the beach, is it the fun police to not want to see damage done to the beach,” he said.

"In this motion we are allowing recreational and professional fishermen to access the beach and put their boats in.

"To let everyone else roar up and down the beach is just negligent.”

Cr Clancy said he had tried to come up with a solution that would keep people safe, while not impacting on the lives of professional and recreational fishermen.

How the access would be policed was debated heavily at the meeting, with concern council would not be fund the extra rangers, especially during school holidays.

Cr Clancy said he listened carefully to the concerns of the community to come up with the motion.

Cr Arthur Lysaught, who at the committee meetings last week proposed a motion which would see a unlocked gate installed to try and deter people, said they needed to give Cr Clancy's motion the opportunity to be tested.

"We had residents in here supporting people being able to continue their lifestyle, and he has listened to both sides of the argument,” he said.

"We should give this an opportunity to work.

"When it's reported back to council, if there has been no improvement, then we can make further changes.”

The motion will install an unlocked boom gate at the Brooms Head beach access near Lake Cakora and at the breakwall access at Wooli. There will be no beach access, except for essential service vehicles, allowed access for the section of Wooli beach 500m to the breakwall.

Council will also promote safe use of beaches by vehicles, especially during the NSW and Queensland school holidays.

They will also update signage at the beaches to reflect the new rules.

A report will also be brought back to council on possible other access points to Brooms Head beach for vehicles.

In addition, council will monitor erosion and impacts on flora and fauna on beaches as a result of vehicle and general use.