FOLLOWING their song last year that combined the words of local elders with the spark of Maclean's youth, the 380 Crew from Maclean High School are back in collaboration with Desert Pea Media for the release of their second song and film clip.

The 380 Crew is a group of incredible, young First Nations artists from Yaegl country, northern NSW. The group evolved from a storytelling project with local elders from Maclean, Yamba and surrounding communities, funded by The Yulgilbar Foundation, hosted by Maclean High School and facilitated/directed by charity organisation Desert Pea Media.

The song River to the Sea was filmed in Yaegl country in places such as Angourie, Brooms Head and Red Cliff, as well as Whiting Beach and Illarwill in December 2018 before the Christmas holidays.

The students in this track sing about their identity and what it means to be connected to the land and the sea and being Yaegl descendants. There are some wonderful harmonies as well as individual funk.

"The team feels deeply honoured to build friendships and connection with the Yaegl community in Maclean and Yamba," Toby Finlayson from Desert Pea Media said.

"These projects not only uplift and inspire audiences and community members, but everybody involved. These are friendships and experiences that all of us really treasure."

Desert Pea Media projects encourage participants to think about how to create positive change for themselves, for each other and for communities.

Maclean High School deputy principal and instructional leader for Aboriginal students Liza Hamilton led the project for Maclean High.

"This is the second project that we have been invited to collaborate with Desert Pea Media. It is a wonderful opportunity for our students," she said.

"They never cease to amaze me how quickly they adapt to what was asked of them. The project is very exciting for the school as it brings our elders and students together and the end result is just fantastic."