IT IS one of Grafon's worst intersections, but recent changes to traffic flow at the Iolanthe junction with the Pacific Highway seem to be easing the pain.

As part of holiday traffic control, combined with the construction of the new Grafton bridge, just before Christmas, traffic was stopped from turning right from Through Street into Iolanthe, and traffic from Iolanthe is also prevented from turning right onto the Pacific Highay.

Southbound Pacific Highway users are now redirected back down Bent Street, and turn right onto the highway from Ryan Street.

Construction of a new northbound Pacific Highway exit lane near the levee wall from a newly constructed roundabout at the north end of Iolanthe St was due to open before Christmas, however motorists wishing to cross from Through Street now turn left, and use the roundabout as a U-Turn, travelling back down Iolanthe street and then left onto the highway.

Exclusive time-lapse footage shot from The Daily Examiner's drone shows a much smoother flow of traffic through the three intersection, with very few delays from any of the lanes.

The footage was shot in a traditionally busy lunchtime period on December 27, and at the same time, further up the Pacific Highway, Woodburn was experiencing traffic delays of up to 90 minutes.

In the past, it could take upward of 15 minutes to turn from Through Street onto the Pacific Highway due to the traffic coming from different directions, however much of that appears to have been alleviated.

The Roads and Maritime Service could not confirm when the new northbound lane would be completed.