IN THE RUNS: Tucabia Copamnhurst Phil Lloyd Earthmoving wicketkeeper Justin Blanch showed all of his skill with the bat in a determined century stand alongside Billy Blanch.
IN THE RUNS: Tucabia Copamnhurst Phil Lloyd Earthmoving wicketkeeper Justin Blanch showed all of his skill with the bat in a determined century stand alongside Billy Blanch. Ebony Stansfield

Blanches unite to bring Tucabia within a whisker of outright

CRICKET: They might share the same last name, and they shared a century stand to get Tucabia Copmanhurst Phil Lloyd Earthmoving out of trouble, but that is where the comparisons end between Justin and Billy Blanch according to captain Jaye Yardy.

The pair, who are not related, were full of confidence heading into their first innings revival at the weekend, and it paid off in spades.

"I trained with them during the week and they were both very confident, dangerously confident, they could get the job done,” Yardy said.

"They might have given a few chances throughout the innings, but the boys just kept riding their luck. They batted brilliantly.”

Chasing Westlawn's first innings target of 180, Justin (76) and Billy (61) took the side from 6-96 overnight, to 7-174, when Billy was caught off the bowling of Westlawn captain Nathan Blanch (4-89).

They set a platform for Jason O'Hara (22) and Llayton Pigg (20) to hit out late and give Tucabia a 50-run lead coming out of the first innings.

The lead almost turned into a rare outright win.

Spinners Billy Blanch (3 for 21 off 7) and Jordy Bultitude (3 for 18 off 8) bamboozled the Westlawn batsmen and soon had them struggling at 9-87 before Blanch (25) and Jayden McLaughlin (2) batted out almost an hour for the final wicket stand.

It would prove a lifesaver for the side, with Tucabia making a final five-over assault to score 69 runs for the outright win. They finished the day on 2-64.

"I was just happy to get the win, but to go that close it is pretty amazing,” Yardy said.

"We always knew we were on for the outright but unfortunately for us their 10th wicket withheld for a few more overs than what we would have liked.

"We went out with the right intention, Tyson was a bit unlucky getting run out without facing a ball, but we definitely brought it down to the wire.”

The win has given Tucabia-Copmanhurst Phil Lloyd Earthmoving a, albeit slim, chance to make the GDSC Premier League finals with an outright win over Coutts Crossing next weekend.

But Yardy admitted that was not the side's first priority.

"To come within five runs at the weekend was a bit of a tease, but to be honest we haven't been thinking finals,” he said.

"If we can finish with a win that will do me. We are enjoying our cricket at the moment and that is what really matters.”


At Ulmarra Showground

Toss: Westlawn

Umpires: Graeme Solomon

Westlawn 1st Innings 180

Tuc-Cop 1st Innings

J Yardy b Shipman 26

M Summers c JT Bender b Blanch 3

JS Blanch c Shipman b Blanch 76

BJ McKenzie b Blanch 0

BP Lloyd b Shipman 9

TJ Blackadder b Shipman 0

TR Sullivan c Grieve b Vidler 0

BR Blanch c RJ Bender b Blanch 61

JP O'Hara c Simpson b Chaffey 22

LC Pigg c & b JT Bender 20

JP Bultitude not out 1

Extras (b 6, lb 3, w 0, nb 3) 12

ALL-OUT for 230

Overs: 48

FoW: 1-35(J Yardy) 2-35(M Summers) 3-35(BJ McKenzie) 4-50(BP Lloyd) 5-58(TJ Blackadder) 6-64(TR Sullivan) 7-174(BR Blanch) 8-191(JS Blanch) 9-221(LC Pigg) 10-230(JP O'Hara)

Bowling: N Blanch 22.4-4-89-4(1nb), B Shipman 13-3-71-3, PJ Vidler 6-0-39-1, E Munro 4-2-13-0, JT Bender 1.2-1-0-1, KR Chaffey 1-0-9-1

Westlawn 2nd Innings

PJ Vidler b Pigg 19

B Shipman c Bultitude b Blackadder 10

L McLachlan c O'Hara b Bultitude 9

BJ Inmon c JS Blanch b Blackadder 0

SM Simpson c Summers b Bultitude 32

DC Gordon c BR Blanch b Bultitude 0

RJ Bender b BR Blanch 15

E Munro b BR Blanch 1

JT Bender c Summers b BR Blanch 0

N Blanch c McKenzie b Blackadder 25

J McLaughlin not out 2

Extras (b 5, lb 0, w 0, nb 1) 6

ALL-OUT for 119

Overs: 39

FoW: 1-29(PJ Vidler) 2-31(B Shipman) 3-31(BJ Inmon) 4-60(L McLachlan) 5-60(DC Gordon) 6-81(SM Simpson) 7-82(E Munro) 8-86(JT Bender) 9-87(RJ Bender) 10-119(N Blanch)

Bowling: TJ Blackadder 14-3-45-3(1nb), LC Pigg 9-3-30-1, JP Bultitude 8-1-18-3, BR Blanch 7-3-21-3, J Yardy 1-1-0-0

Tuc-Cop 2nd Innings

J Yardy not out 26

TJ Blackadder run out (DC Gordon) 0

BJ McKenzie run out (JT Bender) 31

BR Blanch not out 0

Extras (b 6, lb 1, w 0, nb 0) 7

TWO wickets for 64

Overs: 5

FoW: 1-7(TJ Blackadder) 2-58(BJ McKenzie)

Bowling: B Shipman 3-0-34-0, E Munro 2-0-23-0