A 5g mobile tower being installed.
A 5g mobile tower being installed.

Big upgrades for local mobile phone signal in Clarence

IT”S one of the newest technologies in the world, and phone users in Grafton are now able to take advantage of it.

As part of their nationwide rollout, a 5G base station has been switched on in Grafton.

The new 5G capacity, and the ongoing rollout, will not only benefit customers with 5G devices in Grafton, but will also benefit customers with 4G devices in the vicinity of new 5G coverage.

“It’s really exciting Grafton is among the first cities in Australia, indeed the world, to have access to 5G connectivity,” Regional General Manager for Telstra NSW Mike Marom said.

“Telstra has been leading the way in pioneering 5G technology with a number of world and Australian firsts – and making 5G technology available to Australian consumers.

“Now customers in Grafton have a chance to be part of cutting edge 5G technology. Further to this, as we roll out this new 5G technology, it will also improve 4G capacity and speeds.”

“We now have commenced the rollout of 5G in 32 cities around Australia.”

Mr Maron said Telstra was committed to extend 5G coverage to selected areas of 35 major and regional cities across Australia by the end of June 2020.

“For those interested in finding out more about the 5G coverage rollout and about the 5G handsets and devices available to take advantage of this new network technology, further detail can be found at telstra.com.au/5g or by talking to a team member of the Telstra store in Grafton,” Mr Marom said.

Construction works on the Brooms Head mobile tower are well advanced.
Construction works on the Brooms Head mobile tower are well advanced.

In exciting news for Brooms Head residents and visitors on Telstra, there will be soon be no more holding phones to the sky searching for signal.

As part of the Federal Government’s Mobile Black spot Program, Telstra is constructing a new 3G and 4G mobile base station to improve mobile coverage in the Brooms Head area.

Construction is well underway of the new base station and are currently working with the local power company to connect mains power to the site.

“Telstra has a long and proud history of investing in regional Australia and we look forward to providing new Telstra coverage to this area in the near future,” Mr Marom said.