Toyworld Maclean owners Sharon and Boyd Moore play with one of their favourites, the vast Lego collection.
Toyworld Maclean owners Sharon and Boyd Moore play with one of their favourites, the vast Lego collection. Adam Hourigan

BIG KIDS: The job where you'll never really work a day

EVERYONE knows about the kid in a candy store, but what about the two parents who buy a toy store?

One now loves Barbie, and the other needs half a garage to store his Lego collection.

Eleven years ago, Boyd and Sharon Moore decided they wanted a change of lifestyle, and saw Maclean Toyworld up for sale.

With Mr Moore's parents living in the area, and a desire to be closer to them, they decided to buy themselves a job.

Now, Mr Moore is about the live out every boy's fantasy career in Mount Isa, and the shop is back on the market, and they said it's a very happy place to work.

"It helped we had small children, but it's a good vibe, people are happy to come in here,” Ms Moore said.

"The toy shop really is a lifestyle thing. We wanted to move near the beach and had young kids, and it gave us flexibility to raise them.”

Ms Moore said it wasn't just a place for the kids, and like them, they see many adult toy fans come through.

"A lot of dads come in looking at remote control things, and say they're buying for the kids, but you know the kids won't get a look,” Mr Moore said.

They said the store had developed a following, and said their decision to open a lot of toys and put them on display made them a popular place for locals and tourists alike.

"It's put us on the map. People travelling from Brisbane or Sydney will know us and call in on their travels,” Mr Moore said.

"We are lucky though, the locals and tourists all come in, and we have a big range to look at.”

As for their favourite toy, the ever-popular Lego got their vote.

"It's just got to be Lego, it continues to be so popular,” Ms Moore said. "They bring out all these new things and you just go wow.

"Families will come in, and they'll buy a set for each person. Mum, dad and the kids will all get one each.”

The couple said although the stories of the difficulty in retail were true, they said their shop and the town was on the upswing, with the arrival of the new supermarket and the influx of tourists.

"If anything, the business is the strongest it's ever been. We're getting out because it's time for a different part of our life,” Mr Moore said.

"Someone asked me if I worked in the shop once, and I told them it hadn't felt like work a day I've been here.”

Mr Moore said his next job would be as a full-time firefighter with Queensland Fire and Rescue, based at Mount Isa for five years.

"That's our exit strategy,” Ms Moore said. "We've loved having this business, but now our kids are older we want to go show them Australia and this will allow us to do that.”

Which big kid doesn't want to grow up to be a firefighter anyway?

Maclean Toyworld is on the market for $88,000 + SAV, and the opportunity exists to buy the freehold building as well.

For inquiries, contact Dougherty Property in Maclean.