Dr Greg Clancy speaks at the Yamba Chamber of Commerce meet the candidates event.
Dr Greg Clancy speaks at the Yamba Chamber of Commerce meet the candidates event. Adam Hourigan

Big call for the Valley

The babies have been kissed, the policies have been costed (ha!) and the people of NSW head to the polls in Part one of ELECTIONS 2019: Double Disillusion

For people like myself who think that the only thing better than two elections in one year would be seven, 2019 is a bonanza.

And what fun have we all had so far eh? Now For those who may not be as excited as I am let me explain why this election might matter more than most for us here in Clarence.

It is quite possible that we are headed for a hung parliament and if the voters in Clarence get a whiff of the sweet smell of change it becomes even more likely.

Now despite Mr Cansdell choosing a new political party with some rather unique policies, he might just have the personal following to take it to the wire.

Now I may disagree with The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers on many of their policies but if you see it from the perspective of a cynical opportunist, electing a independent or minor party member into a hung parliament could be like having all your infrastructure built at once.

I guess you have to weigh up the good that might come from having someone from outside the major parties, with the bad that could come from electing someone whose party wants to "cut red tape” around gun laws.

Finally, I want to personally thank Deb Novak for having the guts to come up with out-of-the box ideas, in a world of staid talking points.

And of course it would be remiss of me to point out that none of this electioneering will matter in time if we don't get our s**t together and start electing people like Greg Clancy to deal with climate change.

People may not like it but change is going to come whether we like it or not.