Conditions were great for the 2018 Rod N Reel Hotel Barefoot Figure 8 in Woodburn at the weekend.
Conditions were great for the 2018 Rod N Reel Hotel Barefoot Figure 8 in Woodburn at the weekend. Jasmine Burke

PHOTOS: What it's like to barefoot waterski at 70km/h

GOING 70km/h barefoot on water only "tickles" your feet, according to barefoot waterski professional Brendan Paige.

But, he said if you have the wrong technique, it can hurt your feet or at least bruise and blister them.

The 26-year-old Gold Coast resident said there were "no limits" in the "extreme" sport.

"(The water) actually feels good on your feet," he said,

"When you're learning it's kind of itchy but after that you get used to it and it doesn't hurt at all.

"You want your feet directly underneath you and glass water is the best."

The former second world champion and Australian trick record holder divides the year between Australia and the US each year, coaching and competing, and enjoyed skiing on the Richmond River in Woodburn at the weekend.

Ducks, paddleboats and any other water dweller were swept aside by speedboats as barefoot waterskiers returned to the Richmond River for the fifth Barefoot State of Origin Figure Eight Challenge.

Completing tricks from front toe hold, back to front, and backwards one foot skiers of all ages and divisions turned the river into a spectacular playground in an epic battle to try and be the last one standing.

The competition is run over a kilometre-long figure eight-shaped course.

Entries came in from all over NSW and Queensland and divisions included weekend warriors, women's, 13 and under, 14-17, over-45s and open.

Mr Paige said the Woodburn event was "unreal".

"The figure of 8 isn't your traditional barefoot competition but it's a good, fun event that brings NSW and QLD together."

Seven-time world champion Giz Halasz, and Conner Rodgers also competed in the event.

Northern Rivers Waterski Club president Marc Barlow said the events aim was to encourage weekend skiers into the competition to meet the competitive guys.

He said the event attracts competitors from as far as Cairns, Forbes and Sydney and estimated about 30 skiers in this years event.