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BACK BEHIND BARS: Parole revoked for serial DV offender

A LITTLE more than a week after being released on parole and facing until January 2020 in prison for intimidation, using a carriage service to harass and contravening an AVO, a Grafton man is back behind bars after appearing in court again yesterday.

Nathan Daniel Nunan, 42, entered pleas of guilty to stalk/intimidation and breaching the conditions of an apprehended violence order when he appeared in Grafton Local Court yesterday, after he was arrested for again contacting his former partner, 10 days after he was granted parole for similar offences.

Nunan's defence solicitor argued her client's actions were on the lower end of the scale of objective seriousness, and said the reason he made contact with his former partner, who is from Lismore, was to know the location of his car and other property.

According to Nunan's solicitor, her client "took the coward's way" and made up a fake name to call his former partner's personal phone, before attempting to contact her workplace using the fake name.

When those attempts failed, Nunan's solicitor said he then used a fake Facebook account, using the same alias, in another attempt to make contact.

Nunan's solicitor made a submission to the court to allow her client one more chance, and said that if he doesn't learn his lesson at 42 years of age, "I can't see how he ever will learn it" and in making an application for bail admitted it would be Nunan's "last chance".

Magistrate Karen Stafford was in no mood to give Nunan any more chances, and said it appeared that as soon as he was released on parole for serious offences he continued to contact the victim.

Ms Stafford said there was also an unacceptable to risk of continued harassment to the victim. and in refusing bail Ms Stafford said the fact that Nunan was warned by the victim and parole officers not to continue contact, and ignored those warnings, showed there was no bail conditions that would mitigate the risks to the victim.

Nunan was refused bail to appear in Grafton Local Court on January 7 for sentence.