A brand new building and two new shop fronts are ready to be leased in Skinner St, South Grafton.
A brand new building and two new shop fronts are ready to be leased in Skinner St, South Grafton.

Another milestone reached for South Grafton

South Grafton continues to grow with two new shopfronts in a newly constructed building just waiting for the perfect tenants.

"We started advertising around Christmas and there's been a lot of interest since," real estate agent Angus McKimm said.

"They are also in the newest building in South Grafton with a lot of opportunities for retail, food, medical or an office."

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Located at 56 Skinner Street, the two shopfronts feature their own kitchenette and bathroom with rear access. Shop 1 is approximately 5.3m x 14.5m in trade space while Shop 2 measures 4m x 12.5m.

Mr McKimm said this latest leasing opportunity was further evidence South Grafton was becoming an ideal commercial and residential hub.

"South is happening. It's now definitely seen as a growth area," he said.

"We sold the last commercial auction just before Christmas to a local investor who wanted to owner-operate.

"In the last two years in particular, Skinner Street has had a lot more interest in a range of businesses, plus I'm hearing from landlords, traders and tenants that South is on the up and up."




Mr McKimm said established businesses like Farmer Lou's and South Services Butchery coupled with newer shops like Clarence Kitchen Collective had also encouraged a rise in new trends for the area.

"Places like that are definitely lifting residential interest in the area," he said.

"We're leasing more to single female professional types which you just wouldn't see 10 years ago.

"With the market in general, it's been largely residential in South. When we looked at end of calendar year for 2020, South Grafton's median price growth outstripped Grafton."