‘If there was stupidity offence, she would get max penalty’

AN anonymous letter tipped the state government off to a couple who were trying to scam an international student home stay program, the Southport Magistrates Court heard yesterday.

Alison Kate Grant pleaded guilty yesterday to dealing with another's identity and attempted fraud.

In sentencing, Magistrate Donald MacKenzie said: "If there was an offence of stupidity she would get the maximum penalty."

The court heard Grant, a social worker, and her boyfriend Kevin Manfred Couzins, used the driver's licence and passport of Couzins' wife to apply to become homestay parents for international students earlier this year.

Grant pretended on the phone to be Couzins' wife on the phone in an attempt to hoodwink the system.

The pair stood to make about $570 a week out of the deal.

Mr MacKenzie sentenced Grant to 180 hours community service and no conviction was recorded.

Couzins was handed the same sentence in May.

Defence lawyer Michael Purcell said Couzins and Grant were not boyfriend and girlfriend but in a casual and open relationship which Couzins' wife was aware of.

Mr Purcell said Grant did not expect to make any money out of the scheme.

He said Grant the scheme had eventuated because Couzins' wife was not interested being an international homestay parent but Couzins' was interested in the income from it.