Police have arrested two men after fraudulent checks.
Police have arrested two men after fraudulent checks. MaxPixel's contributors

Alleged fraudsters caught out during bizarre scheme

POLICE have charged two alleged fraudsters after catching them with fake ID's, cash, phones, and bizarrely, a map of phone stores between Victoria and Lismore.

Richmond Police District Senior Constable David Henderson said police will allege at 3:30pm on Tuesday a 59-year-old Victorian man attended a retail store on Zadoc Street Lismore.

"He purchased a new mobile phone on contract and offered the usual ID needed to establish his identity," Snr Constable Henderson said.

"Staff carried out some checks on their store database that raised concerns.

"While this was happening a a 66-year-old Victorian man who was in company with the 59-year-old also tried to buy a phone plan.

"Police were called and spoke to the men, and found identification on them which appeared to be fraudulent.

"Police searched their car and found a large number of proof of age cards and medicare cards that appeared to have been created fraudulently.

"Police also found a large amount of cash, three new iphones in their original boxes and a map of phone stores between Victoria and Lismore."

Both men were charged with Dishonestly Obtain Property By Deception, Possess Identity to Commit an Indictable Offence and Use False Documents to Obtain Property.

They were both bail refused by Police and the Courts, and will appear at Lismore Local Court in August.

Snr Constable Henderson thanked the retail staff "who were quick and smart enough to call their local police".

"If you are serving someone who you think has fraudulent ID please speak to your boss as soon as possible, and if they have concerns police should be called.

"If you work in a store that sells mobile phones anywhere between Victoria and Lismore and think you may have served these two men recently, you may want to contact your local police."