All fired up over child-free shopping hours: what about restaurants?

10th November 2015 5:00 AM
Reader’s suggestion to ban children in shopping centres got you fired up. Do you feel the same about restaurants? Reader’s suggestion to ban children in shopping centres got you fired up. Do you feel the same about restaurants? Oksana_Alex

YOU could almost hear the rage coming out of the computer screen when we posted a story about a reader's suggestion to implement child-free shopping hours.

Her argument was that shoppers and retail workers shouldn't have to put up with screaming 'out-of-control' kids while doing their shopping and should have designated hours where little Molly and Matty weren't allowed into the aisles.

While there were a couple of you who agreed with the writer's opinion, the majority (I'm going to say about 98% of you) thought this lady's argument was "absolutely ridiculous".

One The DEX commenter said he'd rather see a ban on yoga pants worn in public than children in supermarkets, while it was the misbehaving parents who copped a spray in many of your comments.

LETTER: "Imagine a shopping experience free from screaming and misbehaving children. When will the managers of shopping...

Posted by The Daily Examiner on Thursday, 5 November 2015

While I think banning children from supermarkets between certain times is too far, and don't see how it would ever actually benefit anyone except those with no tolerance for human beings, I do think this argument has some legs.

Switching scenes a little, take your imagination to a beautiful restaurant. It's 7pm and you've just ordered a glass of wine to go with your medium-rare eye fillet and a squealing chorus comes from the table next to you. This is where I think it's up to the parents to realise misbehaving kids are not welcome, or suited, to these sorts of environments.

If your child sits happily and doesn't almost make the ears of other diners' bleed with their constant screaming or crying, then I have no dramas. But if they are likely to chuck a tanty or twelve while in the middle of dinner, perhaps the kitchen table is a better place for that to happen.

Here's what some of you had to say on Facebook:

Chrissy Marando: I am a mother and I personally think that a shopping centre is a public place and everyone has the right to it being big or small!!! Ridiculous what is the world coming to!

Rose Cardno: That is ridiculous!! Perhaps if people are that anti-social, THEY should shop somewhere else. Do they forget they were children once too??

Merinda Murdoch: How rude! In all honesty i wouldn't care if it was in those hours or not id still go shopping with my children and if anyone said anything to me id tell them where to go! #discrimination

Juan McClymont: Before anyone gets too worked up this is just a 'reader suggests' article. Cool your jets.

Joanne Kitcher: No kids are part of our lives . If the kids are misbehaving it's up to the parents to sort them out. Not to ban them. If it's a police matter then let the police handle it . If they ban the specific kids so be it. But to do an over all, no.

Sasha Martin: Think that's a bit ridiculous every kid has a bad day and every kid has good days as if it's not hard enough for a parent to shop with a misbehaving child imposing some kind of ban would make it 10x harder on parents

Keith Street: Just ban yoga pants in public. That's why the kids are screaming

Rebecca Stahlut: I dont have kids and think this is ridiculous. I generally dont see many problems with children, and if I do I walk away. The parents dont need to feel bad about it.

Britt Gleeson Mezher: I would be tempted to shop online more and forget about supporting local businesses.

Chloe Chloe: It's an hour or two on specific days, not child free all day every day... not the end of the world. Just dont go to the shops at this time.

Jacinda Fletcher: Those hours already exist. Do your shopping between 6-7 am and 7-8 pm.

Charlie Kingsgrove: bring it on, nothing worse than hearing whinging little sh**s when at the shops

Matt Browne: I'm all for it

Crystal Mawhinney: Obviously written by someone who doesn't have kids. Kids deserve to have the same rights to the shopping centre as anyone else

Leanne Woods: Maybe the shopping center should invest in child clubs, so parents can shop easier, quicker. Once your finished shopping show your docket and it's a free service. Don't show one there is a fee.

Laura Bruce: So when is the "no intolerant jerk" hour? I'll shop with my well behaved children then.

Katherine Jenks: The whole element I disagree with but break it down to banning kids from going into alcohol and tobacco shops definatly 100% should ban even if they are with their parents.