NOT SO FUN: A bogged Toyota Land Cruiser at Brooms Head.
NOT SO FUN: A bogged Toyota Land Cruiser at Brooms Head. John Ibbotson

5 things coming up at council

Beach Access Policy

Mayor Jim Simmons has put forward a mayoral minute to request the support of general manager Ashley Lindsay to perform a review of the council's policy on beach access and vehicles on beaches with the review to include broad community consultation.

This is following a meeting at Brooms Head on February 10 when the community raised concerns. Over 75 people attended the meeting after concern was raised over the number of four-wheel drives are accessing the Brooms Head beach north of Lake Cakora during the summer holidays.

Local Public Holidays for 2018

Clarence Valley councillors will vote on the proposed public holidays for 2018 in the Valley.

Included in the application to the NSW Treasury are public holidays for Ramornie Day, Grafton Cup Day and Jacaranda Thursday.

The Maclean Show Day will not be requested following the damage done to the Maclean Showground.

Donation to Lower Clarence Scottish Association

Following the damage to the Maclean Showground, councillors will vote to donate $1,550 to the Lower Clarence Scottish Association to help ensure infrastructure is sound before the Maclean Highland Gathering at Easter.

Additional amenities and infrastructure required include six portable toilets, set up and use of 10 portable grandstands, relocated from Wherrett Park and temporary fencing to clearly show no access areas.

Ground instability on Pilot Hill

Foreshore properties in the Pilot Street area of Yamba have been subject to ground instability over an extended time. Most incidents have occurred during extreme rain events, in the period following such an event, or an extended wet period. Based on the principle that wet soil is less stable than dry soil, Council has been monitoring the rainfall at the site since 1999.

Councillors will vote on exhibiting the draft technical review of risks and treatment options for the Pilot Hill area for public exhibition.

Tree Vandalism, Angourie

In response to complaints received in early January 2018, council staff have investigated illegal clearing of trees on land off Pacific Street, Angourie. Unauthorised clearing and vandalism to trees has occurred with what seems to be an approach to maintaining ocean views. Council has not been able to ascertain who is responsible for the recent damage.

Council, who act as the Clarence Coast Reserve Trust corporate managers in Crown Land-related matters, will vote on erecting signage in the reserve and the adjoining Crown Land and plant seedlings from the community nursery.

You can read the business paper here. 

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