4WD enthusiasts visiting Brooms Head are causing grief for locals
4WD enthusiasts visiting Brooms Head are causing grief for locals James Watson

'4WD stupidity on the beach'

On December 28th I called Clarence Valley Council's emergency number after a near miss by a 4WD while walking on the surf edge at Wooli beach.

The vehicle was speeding and the incident was accompanied by unwarranted aggression from the vehicle occupants. On the 4th January I called again around 8.45am to the normal Council number regarding a 4WD vehicle hanging off the lip of the dune out the front of our nearest beach access heading towards the Breakwall.

By 12.30pm on the same day there was a second vehicle in trouble in the same place heading towards Wilson's Headland, despite Council Staff having apparently closed all 4WD entry points at around 9.30am.






What is it going to take before Council do something about the 4WD stupidity on the beach?

It's dangerous for kids, families and other beach users. Another vehicle also passed at speed within two metres of my kids who were making sand castles despite shouts from me to the driver to slow down.

There are vehicles driving towards the flagged swimming area when it is no right turn.

The current beach state also isn't conducive to these vehicles and the ones using the beach are certainly not all doing so in compliance with permit terms.

They are riding the soft sand because the 'hard sand' is too soft or they are on the beach at high tide and as a result are collapsing dunes it has taken the community years and years to rebuild at great time, effort and personal cost. It is irresponsible driving behaviour. 4WD vehicles should not be allowed on Wooli beach.

- James Watson