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Savic Comfort Nappy Size 6 - 12 Pack


Date listed: 16/4/2020

SAVIC COMFORT NAPPY SIZE 6 - 12 PACKForget about wee stains on the carpet and accidents on the couch with the Savic Comfort Nappy. Designed with your pet's comfort in mind, the dog nappy contains a super-absorbent gel which captures both blood and urine, making it perfect for untrained puppies, bitches in heat, nervous, and incontinent dogs. Make accidents in the house a thing of the past with a comfortable dog nappy designed to protect your pet and your carpets. The black colouring of the nappy will hide stains to keep your pup dressed to impress. Please note: the nappy needs to be changed and disposed of once soiled. Measure the circumference of your dog's belly for sizing. Size 6: 46-56cm

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