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Savic Comfort Nappy Size 3 - 12 Pack


Date listed: 16/4/2020

SAVIC COMFORT NAPPY SIZE 3 - 12 PACKSoiled carpets and stained couches are a thing of the past with the Savic Comfort Nappy.Whether you've got an untrained puppy, a bitch in heat, or a nervous or incontinent dog, prevent future accidents with this nappy designed with your dog's comfort in mind.The super-absorbent gel will capture both blood and urine so that your dog is dry in seconds. This means no irritation or infections for your furry friend, while the black outer colour hides any stains.Get your dog feeling comfortable, confident, and ready to party in their new doggy diaper.Please note: Once soiled the nappy needs to be disposed of and replaced.For sizing, measure the circumference of your dog's belly.Size 3: 34-48cm

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