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La Doggie Vita Plush Donut Charcoal Small


Date listed: 24/9/2020

LA DOGGIE VITA PLUSH DONUT CHARCOAL SMALLCharcoal furniture adds a sense of dignity and refinement to any household... as your dog flops down in their bed with tongue rolling and paws akimbo.Perhaps your dog may not be much for dignity and refinement, but that doesn't mean they won't love this charcoal donut dog bed from La Doggie Vita. With silky soft faux fur and high sides, your dog will feel safe, secure and comfortable as they sleep away the hours in this donut dog bed. The Charcoal donut is machine washable and cold dryer friendly, making it easy to clean... if you can ever lure your dog out of it.Small: 42cm x 26cm (W x H)

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