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Fit 'n Flash Beef Steak Fillets 60gm X 8


Date listed: 4/7/2020

FIT 'N FLASH BEEF STEAK FILLETS 60GMFit 'N' Flash Steak Fillets are made from 100% Australian grown produce. Every ingredient is human grade and suitable for both cats and dogs to eat. Ideal for small to medium size pets, these chews make for an excellent reward or in-between meals treat. They take a little longer to chew through so your dog won't be able to gulp the treat down in one go. These treats are equally perfect (or should we say, purrfect) for cats and work well as a boredom buster.You can rest assured that Fit 'N' Flash do not use any artificial colours or flavours in their treats and no nasty preservatives or additives are used either. Low in fat and big on flavour, these treats won't get buried or tossed aside by your furry friend. They can easily be broken in half for smaller servings because they are reasonably thin.Made in Australia, this pack of delicious Beef Steak Fillets is a great local addition to the treat cupboard!Available in a snap lock bag to seal in the freshness, the treats will last longest when stored in a cool and dry place that is out of direct sunlight. For more in the Fit 'N' Flash Range, see below.

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