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Savic Hop In Litter Tray White/bluestone


Date listed: 9/5/2019

SAVIC HOP IN LITTER TRAY WHITE/BLUESTONEAs our tastes change and develop, so do the tastes of our cats. Keep up with the trendy new cat craze of hopping right in to the litter and hoping straight out, it’s close to an impressive magic trick. With a perforated lid, little bits of dirt will fall straight back in as your cat hops out and walks along the edge of the Hop, enabling a cleaner and more hygienic environment around the Hop. The lid itself is easy to lift out when the need to clean it arrives. Highly recommended for cats who urinate standing, backwards or scattered, the Hop will also prevent any other household pets from barging into your cat's territory and lead the contents of the litter tray all over the house. Dimensions: 58.5x39x39.5cm

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