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Kit Cat Soya Clump Green Tea Litter 7l


Date listed: 17/1/2019

KIT CAT SOYA CLUMP GREEN TEA LITTER 7LWant to do something that's good for your cat and the environment? Kit Cat Soya Clump Litter is made from soybean waste, which would otherwise go into landfill. Now it's being used to make clumping litter. It's a win/win!Because of it's natural properties, this litter is safe to use and won't cause harm to your cat if it's accidentally ingested. Green Tea scented, it neutralises odours in 5 minutes.Features:Quick clumpingVirtually 99.9% Dust FreeNon Toxic and 100% safe to useEco friendlySafe to flush in small quantitiesOdour controlledSuitable for all life stagesSoft and gentle on pawsNo tracking, reduces mess

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