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Kit Cat Litter Clumping Crystal Sparkling Charcoal 1.8kg


Date listed: 7/12/2017

Kit Cat Litter Clumping Crystal Sparkling Charcoal 1.8kg Pet: Cat Category: Cat Supplies Size: 1.8kg Material: Silica
Rich Description: Introducing The Kit Cat Crystal Clumping Sparkling Charcoal Litter in a 1.8kg size. The Kit Cat Crystal Clumping Mystic Rainforest Litter brings colours and scents to your kittys litter box! This silica gel cat litter is soft and gentle on the paws. KitCat CrystalClump comes in the form of silica gel and is super lightweight dustfree and gentle on your cats paws making it perfect for kittens. Crystal Clump also has a high absorption rate and effective odour control. Its extremely low maintenance simply remove the clumps and the rest of the litter stays clean.Features

100 Nontoxic and safe
Antistatic and dustfree
Maximum odour control
Soft and gentle on paws
Antibacterial and hypoallergenic
Instant clumping and 200 super absorbent
Prevents sticking to the base of the litter tray
Bag has a convenient handle for easy use
1 cat approximately 30 days supply
Has a silica gel with natural scent natural plant gelling agent

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