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Mocha Capsule


Date listed: 31/7/2019

Discover NESCAF� Dolce Gusto Mocha, a delicious cocoa beverage with a hint of coffee made with two capsules. An indulgent creamy drink topped with a generous cocoa foam.Our talented coffee creators have harmoniously combined delicious cocoa and a hint of Arabica coffee, with the creaminess of milk to create a unique indulgent beverage.Simply slide the cocoa-coffee capsule first and then the milk capsule into your NESCAF� Dolce Gusto machine. Your Mocha will be ready right away.With NESCAF� Dolce Gusto, you can enjoy over 30 premium coffee creations, whether you like your coffee short or long, black or white. Enjoy a choice of bold Ristretto, intense Espresso, aromatic Lungo and full-bodied Grande or frothy Cappuccino, smooth Latte Macchiato, or even hot chocolate, teas, and cold beverages.The box contains 16 capsules (8 cocoa capsules and 8 milk capsules) designed for NESCAF� Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machines for you to prepare 8 cups of Mocha.

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