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Noise Cancelling Headphones Silver


Date listed: 8/8/2020

Block out the world with these new Sony Premium Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM4 in Silver with a sophisticated and intelligent design. Improved noise cancelling performance features Sony's industry-leading noise cancellation technology with an HD noise cancelling processor that has up to four times the performance power of the previous processor and a high-performance Bluetooth audio system that enhances your listening experience. Dual Noise Sensor technology has dual microphones that detect ambient noise, passing the data on to the processor to block out the sound. Don't let life get in your way with the Speak-To-Chat and Quick Attention modes that ensure easy and intelligent operation. Intuitive touch control settings on the outside of the headset let you simply and quickly change the volume, song or pause your music. Wearing detection automatically starts and stops the audio when you put on these noise cancelling headphones and Speak-To-Chat automatically pauses when you speak and resumes when your conversation is done. Various listening settings allow you to listen to music and still hear the world around you or create personalised settings and even program them based on location in the Sony Headphones Connect App. Also in included is a headphone cable for wired operation which allows the flexibility to use these Sony headphones corded, while a refined and lightweight design offer improved fit and comfort in conjunction with a suite of other Sony audio technologies to offer premium sound quality.

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